Reality Life, Not Real Life

July 19, 2012
By 15Sosa BRONZE, Anaconda, Montana
15Sosa BRONZE, Anaconda, Montana
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Pain Don't Hurt

Reality life is where friends go drink,
Puke, and do it again
Reality life is where they wake up...where?

Real life when true friends stay out, stay awake
Under those frozen blistered stars
No matter springs fog, summer's late days, falls chills, or winter frost bite

Reality life is where kids walks halls
Not recalling, knowing kid's first name who just passed
Yet is a good luagh, good tease no matter what

Real life is when classroom full of kids
Those jocks, nerds, preps
Stare, actually stare together in harmony
At mystery of first snofall of year

Reality life is face glued to Facebook
Those screens of all sizes, crying over what that girl said, what will come to be
If going out with them cell-phone in hand

Real life is screaming luaghter through air
Letting go of rope so high above
That mountain pond
Laying on sand with phone
Intendly left behind on nightstand

Reality life is where highschool couple boy breaks girls heart
By text when she's walking Wal-mart
Stays home from school crying those tears
Why she asks after all those years

Real life is when highschool couples are bottom list
Boys, girls go to movies with relation of she's in my class
Nothing more

Reality life is when kids are stuck under piles of homework
2x+4y=30, and Pg 15
Or was it 20

Real life is where I'm writing this poem
Where I get to hold pencil in hand
Reality left behind
Dreaming of a Real land

The author's comments:
this poem is about how reality in our lives seem to take everything over to the point where nothing is ever real about it anymore. If that makes sense

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