July 19, 2012
You know I have never loved anyone
The way I love you
But all you do is push me away
I gave you my whole heart
Instead of giving me yours
You took mine and stomped it
Till it burst
Then you had the nerve
To hand it back
And walk away
I can’t believe I mean that little to you
That you can just walk away so easily
Well now it’s my turn
Next time you want back
Your not getting in
You may have fooled me then
But now my eyes are open
And for the first time
I can see how blind I was
And this is me bidding you good bye.

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Kiki_McGee said...
Aug. 12, 2012 at 4:13 pm
Good! I could definitely feel all the emotions and pain that went into this and  I agree that whoever did this to you shouldn't get another chance. My only suggestion for future reference is that you add in some punctuation to indicate breaks.  
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