Two choices. Two paths. Two endings.

July 19, 2012
By hiddenprincess GOLD, Millersburg, Ohio
hiddenprincess GOLD, Millersburg, Ohio
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I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not.
I am a dreamer and no one will ever take that away from me.
People may say that you will be nothing but you may say Watch me!

Two choices. Two paths. Two endings.

Left or right. Right or wrong.

Left. "Get rid of it," he said. "It was a mistake. It must be taken care of. If you don't take care of it, I will." "But I know I can't!" she says. "I can't. I just can't."

Right. " Get rid of it. It was a mistake! " he says. " No! I won't. I will not kill this innocent creation. It might have been a mistake to us but there is a reason this has happened. No. I won't. " she says.

Imagine you are that you are she. Which path would you take. The easy path or the right path?

Left. The pain, it's too much. Why did I do this. She wasn't a mistake. I know that now. The guilt is too much. Too much...

Right. She was born nine months after the choice. Her name... Nirvana. She is now my life. My joy. My joy. My daughter. I am glad that I didn't listen to my boyfriend. I am glad I didn't choose the Left path.

Two choices. Two paths. Two endings.

Left or right. Right or wrong.

Which path will you choose if it comes to that?

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