Five Commandments: When He Leaves

July 19, 2012
By tatianadubin GOLD, New York, New York
tatianadubin GOLD, New York, New York
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Gauge my love with
Tinsel tea-spoons.

Drab and smitten:
Watch it drool

Into black Asian tea
Watch the disjointed flurries…

Beguiler of Jesus Christ!
Acrid like cotton mouth

Spread linen flames like
Woman’s legs: engorge in grapefruit quandaries.

Oh reveler at Last Supper!
Come onto token hermit

Erase my idiosyncrasies, purport
Only a Russian loathing

Moonquakes and solar storms
Waft away lollipop pride

Latency of dispersed heart- remain stale
Herculean dignity- enshroud yourself in myopic dreams
Fraying veneer- use his gel to recondition
Lastly, penitent love, neutralize under Spaniard’s greened fauna

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