why do they?

July 19, 2012
Why do they want so much from me
There is so much i want to say but can't
I wish they would see me a little different
They see the responsible girl they want to see someone tall and big.

I see someone breaking inside and crumbling to pieces
I fear that my life is not mine but others
I feel it is a joke That i am a puppet or someone else's muse
I can't stand that i have to be the to stick up for others can't stand on there own
I wish i could be my own person
That i can be forever the one in possession of my own body that no one can contradict me in anything I do
Why do they do what they do
Why do they scream at me when i am not the one who is doing it
Why if they think i am a perfect little doll, am i a little trouble maker.
Why do they think i am their little straight a student

I try my best to do what i need to make other people proud I have straight A's I am respectful and responsible I love everyone with my heart.

I am only one person and i am about to scream if people don't let me breath and take over my own life and rule it!

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