"Define Love"

July 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Love my friend is such a gifted word
It's stronger than a lion, but as gentle as a bird
Love can bring you flowers after the rain
And yet love can bring you soft tears and pain
How is it that something so precious could be?
That's why lots of people lock it away with a key
Love is something you give but you never run out
Love is something you want to never stop talking about
Love is something we all get but doesn’t cost a dime
The only thing love can take up is maybe a little time
Now a days people use love when they don’t know what it means
But everyone uses love from lowly ones to queens
That’s why when we say we love someone we mean it with all our heart
Plus we don’t say it to the wrong person because we’re oh so smart
So there’s one more thing that I really got to say
I love you through night and I love you through day

The author's comments:
This basically speaks for itself. Tell the ones who are there for you that you love them.

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