July 18, 2012
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As i sit here with my head down, my hair in my face.
I think about all the memories that was ever made.
From the momeant we met to the day you were gone.
My mind can't help but play the memories like a film record.
Everything you have ever said was just a lie.
And everything you did was a waste of my time.
You said that i was your everything.
You said you didn't care what people said or thought.
You said you didn't care about our age difference.
But at the end you did.
How i gave my heart to you.
And you promised you wouldn't hurt me like the others have had.
How the time i spent with you was like a get away.
Cause when i was with you everything around shut down.
It was peaceful to have you by my side.
With you felt like actual love.
Felt like nothing could ever come between us.
It felt like we were the only ones alive.
You were the reason why i woke up everyday having you on my mind.
Reason why I'd take a bullet for you.
Reason why you were my world and didn't care about anything else.
But now we rarely talk.
You were my best friend from the beginning,
But now we rarely talk,I'm practically invisible now.
I look and see how you're doing everyday.
You seem happy and not heartbroken.
But I wonder do you regret what you did.
Do you regret breaking my heart into millions of pieces?
Do you even miss the memories of us?
Because i do.
Someday i hope you see and understand how much i miss you.
How much you meant to me .
How much it hurts to see and talk to you.

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