July 17, 2012
By 15Sosa BRONZE, Anaconda, Montana
15Sosa BRONZE, Anaconda, Montana
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Pain Don't Hurt

That coming time
Universe's Gothic cloak shadows,
Moon triggers weeps, afraid,
Of scary nightmares
Handkerchiefs form from lean air
Created by wizards magic
Handkerchiefs wrinkled, carrying weeps
Downpours like diamonds falling for poor
Glue themselves to trees owned jewels
To not drown quarters of living
Tissues run out, whisking away
Leftovers bond upon spring apple trees,
But tearstains on universe's cloak

Unyielding moans
Quivers moon to disassemble,
Like paint blushing to long,
Cracking like leaves expecting
Abuse from Fall's pet breeze
Jig sawed upon tree's retired residence
Trees seek out pieces, calling them
Like tears call gravity
Stacking stars underneath patch placement,
Balancing bit of moon,
Dangling from silk worms abandon silk

Dawn slumberly awakes seeping,
Gorging, with bloodstained bandages
Belongs to moon robust companion, sun
Battling, emerging across,
Talently speared peaks
Moon parts not distantly,
Taking aid with pea vines,
And lightning needles apprentice,
Hummingbird to stitch
Instead used on broken, erupted heart
Cannot clench sun's golden war robe
Now understand moon's tears

The author's comments:
This piece is about the moon and how he longs for the company of his companion the sun, but he can never get close enough to be with the sun to help the sun

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