July 18, 2012
By JeSivs BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
JeSivs BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
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Many sides of myself

Of my soul
Facets of my mind
Not visible
But they’ll never see
It was necessary to hide
A weakness
The longing

For perfection
For love

For acceptance
The insecure child
Whose eyes are haunted
Overshadowed eternally
By her twin
Whose confidence borders arrogance
Laughs and struts

And smiles
The cousin
Whose tear streaked face
Becomes cold
Like her heart
And anger boils


And waiting
For the friend
Whose pen flows with thoughts
Better left unsaid
Whose intensity

Frowned upon
Binds her pieces together
The many sides of herself

Of her soul
Facets of her mind
Not visible
Because they’ll never see
The puzzle
That keeps her alive
But kills
Who I Am

The author's comments:
A moment of weakness that inspired tearless sobs

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