The Mocker's Mistake

July 8, 2012
Here a bird sits with folded wings
Encased in the tears of a willow tree

Lying in a nest, eyes closed in agony
She breathes in pain, invisible to many
The ordinary bird listens to the mocker sing

the song he chirps in painful to the burdened
It sparkles at the wounds of the defeated
Fluffing her feathers, she stands in pride
None will see the sorrow, forever it will hide
And still the mocker continues to sing

She simple to look at, nothing but plain
However, in her eyes lives the soul on which beauty was slain
once there was color
At one time, splendor
The ordinary bird listens as the mocker sings

He laughs in triumph that he may flourish
Believing the heart of a pearl will slowly perish
The wise old willow comforts a sad little sparrow
as today moves to tomorrow
and still the mocker sings his triumphant song

But one day all will see
The truth painted on a common bird's wing

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