July 8, 2012
She said through gritted teeth, the wounds of the day still fresh.
She said, the lie beneath, though pain and grief she nursed.
The tears that fell seemed strangely red
And the words she spoke were terse.
I’m sorry!
She cried in Sorrow’s arms.
I love you!
She screamed with none to charm.
Come back, oh please, come back to me,
She said with none to hear.
Sorrow gave way to Anger’s might
And temper flared upon the light.
The tears were dry upon her cheeks
The path they carved through rosy hue
The smile on her lips shone bleak.
She whispered for just her to know.
She murmured, drowning in dreams.
She said, she’ll say once more.
She’ll utter, and turn out the light, her eyes only left to gleam in the night.


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