All Over Again

July 17, 2012
By Sylvia Vandenberg-Daves BRONZE, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Sylvia Vandenberg-Daves BRONZE, La Crosse, Wisconsin
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She is my dolphinheart girl

Eyes in a swirl

Her veins help me trace the magic

under her skin.

Play me a sun shower on your guitar and tell me

in between kisses

that my lips taste like raspberries.”

She cracked open my clouds one day

And light came pouring down

and I


went back.

And I watch these thoughts of the past scatter into the rain
And I catch the drops in my palms and on my tongue
And the shipwreck in my throat begins to clear.

My name cooed through her lips

Is poetic like hair under water and


Like fresh-fallen tears.

“Oh baby, tell me you’ll be mine for years.”

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