The Girl...

July 17, 2012
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We rush through our day waiting for it to end.
Going to school, practice, and home
We never notice anyone,
Especially the quiet girl in the corner.

This girl has brown hair and eyes, nothing special
She’s normal height, fair skinned and is very shy,
This girl is always searching for a friend
What she finds is a bully instead.

The bully does not relent, teasing the girl,
The girl looks around for help, but everyone looks away
Teachers stand by saying they see nothing
Other students walk away, fearing to be the next victim.

The girl feels lost and runs home, where she thinks it’s safe
Until she finds the messages on the phone, computer
Everywhere the bully is, never leaving her
The girl has no escape from the bully, who used to be her friend.

“What did I do?” “What’s wrong with me?” “Is there no end?”
These are the words that go through her head
The girl goes to the bathroom looking through the cabinets
She is desperate for an end to this torture she suffers every day.

The memories of the days go by in her head, making her want it to end
She takes the bottle and empties it into her mouth
“MAKE IT STOP!” These are the thoughts that go on inside her mind.
Until suddenly she spits the contents out and starts to cry.

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