July 17, 2012

Steps taken, foot steps scrubbed out of the past,
Memories play in continuous film reels.
Threatening to fade, but I refuse to let go.
Friends clinging to their final tears,
Strangers wave goodbyes, sympathetic
glances, well wishers and laughter.
Empty, hollow places.
Lighted corners turn into blackened trap doors
Familiar surroundings loses its emotion,
becoming foreign and soulless.

Strips off its genuine being,
reduced to a hollow echo.
Tasks done, tasks half done.
No answer to questions, more
confusion than previous days.
Refusal and denial.
Sorrow creeping in like a sneaky chill draught.
But yet your memories keep me alive.

You know my fate and my destination.
You've foreseen my fear and my misfortune.
You warn me, yet my loud singing drowns you out.
Your heart capsizes with loss,
Far too much to bear.

So, before I say my final goodbye,
I just want to say,
No matter what stupid vampire comes our way,
No Harry potter can Expelliarmus! us,
No Alex Pettyfer can tell us that we are not cool,
No Justin Bieber can sing better than all of us put together,
No Zoe can tell us we're not worth a try
and finally,
No amount of crunchie clusters can be sweeter than,
The 3 AMAZING years we've had!

The author's comments:
I'm moving schools soon and my friends are what can only be described as beyond wonderful. Besides I wouldn't ask for a better version of any one of them.

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