Hear our voices

July 17, 2012
Do you hear us?
We sit alone talking to nobody.
Inside, we scream for help.
You see physical damage.
It could be too late.
We could be dead tomorrow.
Will you see our pain?
We lie to you to hide the truth.

Every day, we get new torture.
It pleases them to see us in pain.
Not just the physical kind.
It gets so bad for us that we cower in fear.
Will you free us?
You, the people, have that power.
We are drained emotionally and physically.
Will you hold us as we cry?

We’re alone while we’re in a crowd.
We crave other’s attention.
Help us out of this terrible situation!
We cannot go on like this.
Living in fear that they’ll kill us.
Will you nurture us?
We need safety.

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