Is There a Difference?

July 17, 2012
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I am from Staples, MN.
I have never been thirsty.
Nor have I been hungry,
Or homeless.

I am from Cité Soleil, Haiti.
I am homeless.
I am hungry.
I am scared.
Is there a difference?

I am from Sendai, Japan.
My house is gone from the earthquake.
My water is no good,
And my stores have been flooded.
Is there a difference?

I am from New Orleans, Louisiana.
My family is not buried.
I am hungry,
And my home is barely a home.
Is there a difference?

I am from Somalia, Africa.
I am bloated from hunger.
I have no shelter,
And I am thirsty.
Is there a difference?

If we see these problems,
Why haven’t they changed?
Why can’t they be fed?
Can we make a difference?

It is not easy,
Although it may not be hard.
Isn’t teamwork what we are taught?
Wouldn’t teamwork be helpful?
Is there a difference?

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