Love story

July 17, 2012
By shadow16. GOLD, Charleston, South Carolina
shadow16. GOLD, Charleston, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
you live and learn, but learn when the love is gone.

I’m not here to wake you nor am I here to break you
And after this you might think I hate you
But it’s not that, it’s just that my heart had another break through
There's a story of a boy and his love so much
A story sensitive in every touch

Once in a blue moon they’d say
Always to the boy’s hopes
As he prayed for it one day
And that day came where bravery stuck his heart.
He chose his target which resembled a star
Her hair glowed like the sun rise of the mountains far
And her body was as sexy as butterfly sports car

He saw his target and what was six steps felt like a block
She turned and smiled and his whole world stopped
But that second didn’t last as she was holding the jock
And that world got knocked, he fought back but then that world got rocked
And on the ground where everyone can see.
With his head down, face on the ground, starring at him bleed
No one cared because he wasn’t out of sight
They just walked by and away, they didn’t enjoy the fight

He went home thinking why this world so cold
So he wrote her a note telling her how she is his dream to hold
The next day he got lucky, and it wasn’t for pretend
She spoke to him alone, and smiled upon his battered grin
But that smiled dished away as she said the note could never be.
At most you could only be a friend to me.
He asked why, she said he wasn’t strong
Wasn’t brave in her eyes. Wasn’t a man willing to sacrifice
All he was to her was another boy fighting for his selfish desires
That and a guy with a lame attire.

So he went home again with another sad face
Parents ask what wrong, he said I just had wake up another day
He retired to his room in his thoughts that night.
And something clicked that you thought never might
He wasn’t going to give up despite what everyone else says
He changes his attire and vowed to fight for her every day,
Till the death of him even it maybe
Showing his heart his dream he could see.

Next days were very similar
But every day he dressed cooler and cooler
Although the fights got worst and worst
Each one more brutal then the first
The first day he had realized an unfortunate fact
He never had the heart to hit someone back
And so he suffered every fight taking every blow
And standing back up asking for more

And one day the jock completely snapped
As the boy let out a laugh instead of a cry
He swung with an ending blow hopping the boy might die
After the star tried to stop him
But he wasn’t done yet you could see it in his eyes
Blood shot flamed with anger, with a little cynical surprise.
It the mist he swung and hit the girl, bad.
And in that moment the boy did something he never had
He stood up to protect her, and then he fought back
Beating the jock so bad he turned black

In the end he got his kiss and his girl.
As she was overly appreciative for saving her world
He went back home and said to his parents it’s been a beautiful day
Rushed by them so nothing about the bruises they would say
And in that night he fell asleep
In love with today like a dream he fell so deep
So deep he didn’t wake, and it’s no lie
The blows were too much, as he blead out his insides
So he died believing in love you could tell
Or he died falling for it as well
Either way that how the love story ends
And this scenario happens every day.

Some of you people just don’t know, guys bleed too
It’s just our nature to hide it in every way.

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