July 16, 2012
By eqstar162 BRONZE, Port Royal, Pennsylvania
eqstar162 BRONZE, Port Royal, Pennsylvania
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Twirling, falling, dreamlike, amazing-
Halfway between light and dark,
Half conscious, half dead-
tilting on the verge of sleep.
This is the time when you and I become
acquaintances of the night.

This whirl, this blinding flash of events-
why am I not scared?
All this truth that comes out
The uncensored words - my true feelings
They all tumble out from
the halfway here, halfway there.

But it's not just me,
I know you feel this loss of control, too.
The terrible, sweet things you say to me,
the horrible, kind words I say back.
The two of us-
our words out of control in the night.

I lay there gazing out the window,
wondering if you're looking at the same star,
with the words - our words-
set free in the night.
Dancing, running wild in your mind,
in the semi-conscious
heart of the night

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