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The Shadow of Me

July 16, 2012
By Emily Waskel BRONZE, Altoona, Iowa
Emily Waskel BRONZE, Altoona, Iowa
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My shadow will always
Walk beside me,
Linger over my shoulder,
and dance in the light.

My shadow will always be better than me;
It's taller, smarter, more compassionate funnier,
It's everything I wish I could be.
My shadow never makes mistakes.

Some days I try to catch up with my shadow;
I try to walk as proudly as she does,
I try to be lithe and free like she is,
I try to be perfect.
But, alas, I can never grasp my shadow.

Some days my shadow mocks me,
Laughs at my insecurities,
Reminds me of my flaws,
And whispers all my secrets.
My shadow knows I can never be like her.

For as long as the sun shines,
I can never be my shadow.

The author's comments:
Walking home every day from school, I would always see my shadow in front of me. A shadow that showed no signs of the disappointments and struggles that one carries on their shoulders. To me it was a perfect metaphor for the everlasting conflict of who we are versus who we want to be.

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