Describing the Indescribable

July 16, 2012
Heavenly streams of light that shine through emerald leaves in the first dew of the morning
Wind so loud that it speaks in the ear
So soft that it is a whisper half-heard in a string of darkness

A sunset bursting with such flaming intensity that it fills the core of the being with blistering warmth
Lightning that splits the sky with scary intensity
So strong it almost breaks the heart with its beauty

Thunder shaking the earth with a roaring force as comforting as it is terrifying
The sudden explosion of a flash flood
Pouring from the sky in a curtain of startling and cleansing relaxation

The smothering tethers of the wind
Altruistically fading to a fragile summer breeze
A forest’s illusion of silence until listening reveals the secret chorus of ancient harmonies

The soothing lullaby of a brook
The all-consuming power of a waterfall

Stars at night
A presence so calm and huge that they awe but never overwhelm

The rich multi-layered aroma that arises from the earth itself after rainfall
The beauty of a sun flashing through storm clouds as solid and gray as steel

Clouds undulating
Into new voices and patterns and stories

Soft dew shining like the most beautiful jewel on a velvet green leaf
Riches free for all the world
Beauty, in its simplest form

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