Used and Abused

July 16, 2012
By Anonymous

One night of fun
Turned this day into fear
I didn’t think you were “the one”
But when you drew me near

I felt my whole self fall
Threw caution to the wind
Eyes towards the wall
And I did commit that sin

I wanted to live a little
But I couldn’t handle you
You’re so damn noncommittal
I try to say I’m through

Out of my mind
I thought with my body
Completely intertwined
That night is just a copy

A faded dream in my head
That happened to some other girl
We just kissed in my bed
But no, I had wanted to hurl

It wasn’t just a kiss
I didn’t know what to say
I can’t deal with this
I can’t speak to you today

The memories rush back
Into my pounding brain
Shame rises and attacks
My heart fills with pain

You asked, I said yes
What the hell possessed me?
I have to confess
I was drunk, could barely even see

Morning came and I tried to forget
We don’t discuss it at all
My sanity’s in threat
Of being captured and enthralled

I feel so used, heart abused
But next week will be the same
I know I won’t refuse you
And I’m the only one to blame

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