Death's Word

July 16, 2012
By CatCam GOLD, San Diego, California
CatCam GOLD, San Diego, California
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Favorite Quote:
“Writers aren't exactly people, they're a whole lot of people trying to be one person" F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Some call it the end
The rhythmic slowing of a four chamber drum
The ice that cools the ever lasting heat
The deafness that claims Life's ever lasting song
The hush that befalls a stringed bow
The silence that becomes of what is never quiet
Some call it the ultimate end

I say it is only the beginning
Who am I?
That is not of importance
But to get along with what I must say I shall tell you
I am what lives in every creature
All feel disdain for me
I haunt the nightmares of peasants and kings alike
My sister, Life, calls me brother
Dante a demon
Egyptians a god
I go by many names
The most common?

As I said “Who am I” is not of importance
What I have to say is

I am only the beginning
I help those who are in pain
I bring them to a new world
I cradle the soul as if it is a new baby
I bring them to the ferry who glides them across the five rivers
Through the river of woes
Across the river of lamentation
Past the river of fire
Beyond the river of forgetfulness
And down the river of hate

They pass the through a gate which decides their fate
One path leads to a land of all white where trees cast no shadows
One were forked flamed tongues lick at the skin
And one were you shall go through the cycle again
Three paths for one
I have seen many go this way and that
Even some there
I never know for certain where they shall end up
But when I am done I know one thing
The soul's journey had yet to begin

So those who weep and wallow
For loved ones gone
Take my word when I say
They live a new one

The author's comments:
I feel that Death is not only what ends this journey of life but what starts a new one. I guess I wanted people to know not to fear it.

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