Birthday Wishes

July 16, 2012
By polar-icecap DIAMOND, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
polar-icecap DIAMOND, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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A new alarm clock
Bass headsets
Real CDs
Maybe a few choice cassettes
Nail polish
And a new puppy
And then...
A real friend
To stand by my side
Someone who loves me
And doesn't have to hide it
But super sweet
Someone you'd actually want to
Someone to care
And listen to me
Someone to be with
And is hard to beat
Someone who doesn't
Give up when you fall
Someone who's more creative
Than a trip to the mall
Someone who knows
What it's like to be me
Someone who helps
And invites me to
Not someone else
They don't pretend
Aren't fake
And friendship mends
My poor heart
They love me for
And not all that nonsense
That otherwise should be
That friend is out there
No, I'm sure they won't hide
They'll love me, and find me
And invite me inside

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