Broken World

July 17, 2012
By Raven_Deathwing PLATINUM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Raven_Deathwing PLATINUM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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'my happiness is only a mask i wear to hide the tears i cry'

In this world of ours, everything seems normal to us...but what if there was a world like ours, but everything was backwards? A parallel like ours, yet things would be different:

There would be no more wars or figthing, everyone would live in peace and harmony.

Religions wouldn't fight over who is the best one, people could chose what they wish to follow.

Friends would become enemies. Enemies would become friends.

Things you loved, you would hate. Things you hated, you would love.

There would be no such thing as 'the Internet' or things like that. No one would lay around and be lazy, people would exercis. There would be no more obesity and people would eat normal.

Countries that are having problems would be flourishing. Oil would not exist, people would ride bike or walk, not drive or use vehicles that used gas.

Countries would not be ruled by one person, but rather, the whole country, as no one person can rule a whole country.

Global warming would be a legend, and myth.

In a backwards world...things would be perfect to some, yet to others, they would hate it...but in this world of ours, we cannot afford to be picky...we need to stand together and change everything that has happened...

We must fight this battle to take back the Earth we love. We must never give up and must stick together.

We must become whole to fight this battle which is not against people, but the Earth itself...we need to save this planet of ours, otherwise we will lose everything we love...

Take back what is ours

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