July 16, 2012
my fingers ghost over your cheek
your lips
your chin
you feel like heaven
beneath my fingertips

it would be so easy
to lean over
to kiss you oh so softly
to feel your breath ghosting over my face

but I’ve been a coward since the day you met me
and that’s not going to change now
you know what I want
take it from me
that’s all I ask

I’m laying in bed that night
and my regrets are turning into ghosts
ghosts that are going to haunt me
for being a coward
for not kissing you when I had the chance

I can see it in my mind
clear as when it was happening
but this time my fingers quit ghosting over your face
and I lean down and kiss you
my lips on yours
your hand on my face

I tell myself that next time
next time I’ll take a chance
next time I’ll quit being a coward
I’ll make these ghosts of my past quite haunting me

cross my fingers
wish on 11:11
next time I see you the ghosts will vanish
your lips on mine
your fingers linked with mine
hearts beating, love overflowing
breath ghosting from yours lungs to mine

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