I Am Me

July 16, 2012
By LifesRose BRONZE, East Point, Georgia
LifesRose BRONZE, East Point, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
The Poets are only interpreters of the gods -Socrates

I am the artist, who paints the sky blue
With white clouds of hope and peace
Who sculpts a beautiful smile on people

Who are feeling down
Who draws a pretty picture in black and white
But uses color to make pain look all right

I am the poet who speaks words to life
Making everything seem good
But only if you knew why I stood
I write words from the heart
So that my poetry and me wont be apart
I write words from the soul
So that my heart can keep patrol
Of the evil trying to corrupt me

I am the singer who croons to the moon
Wishing the sun would come up soon
So I can shine so bright and have people in awe at the sight
Of me in musical flight
So I can bring this world to peace
And that’s the promise I will keep
Until the day I seep
Into the sands of time

I am the dancer that moves to the melody
of the music in my heart
Floating on the beats that feel so sweet
To my feet and
To my soul that has no control
That was my goal

I am the person standing in the mirror
Drawing the world nearer
To my dreams that screams
Because they want to be seen

You only live once
So I’m going to live life to the fullest
And still be the coolest
At what I do
Being me is the key
To being on top as queen bee
Greatness is what I’m going to achieve
And with god on my side I will succeed
I will be the best of the best
Even if that means no rest

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