July 16, 2012
By LifesRose BRONZE, East Point, Georgia
LifesRose BRONZE, East Point, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
The Poets are only interpreters of the gods -Socrates

You said you would die for me
But all I see is backstabbing,
Gossip, and more lying to me

I love you like a mother
Deep down undercover
I wish I were your birth biological daughter
So maybe ill stop feeling like only a quarter

I put you through hell
But no one can tell
Because showing the truth is like loosing a tooth

Lying is “not” allowed in your house
But it’s funny how I catch you being a mouse
I know you have flaws
Because it’s apart of gods great cause

God has a plan for me
That I can’t see
But it’s going to all lead up to a big scene of family
Family is what I feel, but in my mind it’s already killed

Still I can’t get the thoughts of betrayal out of my head
So instead, I dream of big things that don’t exist
Now I’m looking for my first kiss

My first kiss of life
The freedom of being free
Free being me, free from pain, free from…
I just want to live…live life to the fullest

With no regrets, but I know its my next test
So what I am going to do is ace it
Because its funny how people wont take it
But I know I can face it
I am the champion to me
But forget everybody that don’t believe in me

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