Giving Into Temptation

July 16, 2012
By emilyscurtin BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
emilyscurtin BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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I stand tall with my head up claiming that I'm unbreakable
Singing of my immortality and how nobody could ever change me
Showing off the chains that tie me to myself
“They're impossible to break!” I scream into the dark
Thousands of desperate hands claw at me but I'm ready for them
I know what they want and I have a battle prepared
I'd never give up myself, never change in my ways
Not for anyone, not for anything in the world
Then you came along – slithering through the hands like a malicious snake up to no good
One thing on your mind, but a secret to anyone staring into your poker faced eyes
The beautiful brown of those eyes draw me in like a sword
Like a spider, you draw me into your web
Into your own territory; these are your grounds now
But I still play by my rules!
Play by my rules? I left them behind when I followed you here
You tie me in your webs, engulf me in your lies, in your trickery
But I'd believe anything you so cleverly let slide off your tongue
Because every word is magic
Something I want more of
You become an addiction
The more of you I get, the more of me I loose
I'm loosing myself, but you fill in the gaps, so I'm still a whole
If not the old me
But it's okay, everybody could use some change, right?
Why do I care what anyone else thinks anyways?
As long as you're happy
When you show your pride in me, my heart gloats through my smile
My morals never cross my mind because I never stray from thinking of you and what you want
Anything you want, I'll bend over backwards until I break
I would lay down and die for you
I stood up tall and proud, but now I'm giving in
Sinking, melting
Falling for your royal charm
Your sweet, syrupy words draw me in like honey does flies
I soak up every syllable you speak
I've fallen for you
Given into this evil temptation
I'm yours

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