Broken Heart

July 16, 2012
By emilyscurtin BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
emilyscurtin BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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Have you ever loved someone so much
You'd do anything for them
They wiped away your tears
They picked up the baggage of your life and carried it for you
Softly tucked stray hair behind your ear
Sweetly looked you in the eyes
Soft butterfly kisses on your cheek
And a smile that pulled one out of you no matter what
A face so beautiful it becomes etched in your mind
A name that is scratched into your heart
Fills up a space that can never be replaced
Fall asleep smiling and wake up with it till painted on
Never feeling pain because you were the ultimate healer
Always there to hold me and comfort me
Rock a bye baby
You lay a finger on my lips to shush my cries
And I curl up and lay with you just to be engulfed in your arms
In your love
Sitting at the picnic table by a beautiful lake
Birds chirping, winds blowing
Hands on hands
Staring into your beautiful eyes
They're so beautiful, so beautiful
You're so beautiful
Everything you say I take in like I can't get enough
Then the rain came, but you covered me
As we ran to the tunnels
Laughing and squealing like school children
Not thinking for tomorrow, just living in the moment
No trouble could overpower the thought of our love
A love so strong it became a bond
A never ending bond with emotions so deep
You used to say forever
And I'd never worry about the day that it came to an end
Why? Why?!
Because it came
Struck me like a bolt of lightening
You see it happen, but never could it happen to you
“True love never fails!” you'd scream
I scream
I can't stop screaming, tears streaming down my face
You don't wipe them
They keep rolling down my cheeks
Mascara streaks out of my eyes
I look like a mess, but you would say I look beautiful anyways
But you don't
You look away
Can't even look me in the eye
I've cried for months
For months
But I'm still holding on, letting you drag me behind you
As you start on your new path
But I tell myself that it's just the new us
I keep stumbling behind
Trying to please you, trying to desperately that my body aches
With the pain you're bringing me and you don't care?
You used to cry when I cried
Now you look the other way
Bloody knuckles drag behind me as I bend over backwards to bring you happiness
My hands are getting slippery – I'm falling, can't hold on
Slowly our grasp is breaking
Unbreakable? Isn't that what you told me? Forever?
I let go – I have to! I'm sorry!
Face in the dirt of shame and sorrow and pain
I manage back to my knees, ready to try again
Just to see you walking with another in your arms?
Another? I thought I was your only one? Your love? Forever?
Forever.. Forever I'll be crying
You hold her tight and wipe away her tears
Carry her baggage and leave me with more than I began with
To struggle on my own now
I carry my own pains now, my own burdens, my own heart break
You don't even take a glance back to see if I'm okay
You've been ready to leave
Just couldn't shake me off because my grip was so tight
I was never good enough, never have been
Thanks for proving that to me
You've hurt me deeper than ever, hit my very core
You know all that I've gone through and now you put me through this?!
The one thing I feared?!
Being alone!
You've left me alone with my pains
Just left me for them to consume me
You didn't even turn back...

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