The Unbearable Lightness of Being

July 16, 2012
By MarisaClaudia SILVER, Hubbard, Oregon
MarisaClaudia SILVER, Hubbard, Oregon
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Maybe it never crossed your mind
That your existence was running out of time
If I had passed on would you remember I was here?
At the sound of my name would you cheer?
Or would you feel nothing at all
Would you shout and call for me
Or would you forget
Would your emotions become horribly sick
All of this I can surely admit
Lord please be freeing
The unbearable lightness of being

You're gone but I am not
What would happen if we traded spots?
My song keeps playing but yours has stopped
The hole is growing bigger, deeper even
Would yours?
Or would have the pain already leaven without a single sore
What keeps me alive I do not know
You escaped from my fingers and I begged you not to go
How do I make it stop?
For I can still hear your haunted singing
Haven't you noticed me sinking
Into the unbearable existence of being

I can still hear your breathing
I hear you whispering in my ear
Will I change tonight?
Or will I die in fear?
I wish when I closed my eyes
I could see sweet memories of you and I
Not horrible ways I want I die
Tonight I will be fleeing so I will no longer be seeing
The unbearable lightness of being

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