Soul Stuck

July 7, 2012
By SilverHedgehog17 SILVER, Fairfield, Connecticut
SilverHedgehog17 SILVER, Fairfield, Connecticut
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The soul cries out in horrible pain?
Why is it you cannot hear?
Is it the same for you, crying silently in the night?
Or is it that the soul is too weak, too brittle to exist with yours?
Yet it must, it must, for this is where it is stuck.
But even as the soul is stuck, the mind is free.
Free to wander, to dabble in the evil thoughts of revenge the soul cannot act on.
Free to run away to a happier place where all souls are cared for and loved.
But the soul is stuck, so it must scar and harden to survive, or else it will rot.
It wastes away slowly, but still you do not notice.
Why is it you refuse to care, to change?
Because you are strong enough to take it.
Does that mean I am?

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