The Fey Queen's Spirit: A Tale of Pain

June 14, 2012
By PoisonEater BRONZE, Farmersville, Ohio
PoisonEater BRONZE, Farmersville, Ohio
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"I would rather die for my truths, than rot for my lies."

The spirit cries of sorrow and she cries of pain

Her tears falling like rain

The war caused her lover never to come again

The fey of her lands stop and stare

As their queen leaves in despair

She leaves her lands fare and true

But she leaves with a deathly brue

She leaves her lands and leaves her pain

Never to return again.

So here I am telling you of my tale "The Fey queen's spirit: a tale of pain"

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this when I really started to get into the faerie world. I loved to read about queen Mab and other faeries of another nobility. I wanted to make this particular queen seem more human because faeries are more like humans than they think. This talks about what many people do when they are hurt or suffer a loss and how people only stare. Sometimes the people who stare are thinking why are they doing this? Those people are confused and they are to afraid to help.

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