If I Said Goodbye

July 12, 2012
If I said goodbye tonight, would you even care
Would you even know
I bet you’d lose no sleep over me
Or cry a single tear at my absence
Since I was so easy to block out
So easy to say goodbye to
Because I realize now
I meant nothing to you
I know you were bad for me
But I still fell in love with you
And no matter how much I deny it
I’m still in love with you
Which is pitiful because
I’m heartbroken thanks to you
And none of the little pieces will fit back together
Because I’m still caught up over you
And it hurts so bad being reminded
Of the pain so long after
When I’m so far ahead
But do you care, no
Why should you care
No one ever cares
You never cared
So why should it change now
Why should it change now
Because you never cared
No one ever cared
And if I say goodbye
Why should anyone care

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