Live in Fear, Die with Delight

July 12, 2012
By MusicxNotes3 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
MusicxNotes3 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"To live would be an awfully big adventure."

Life is extreme and makes us fear
The ending that is drawing near
But I have never shed a single tear
For my end, which may be the worst
Thing I’ve even seen and known.
But I know, just like birds have flown,
I must grow older like I have grown.
But what have I to offer to the man upstairs?
A sob story about how nobody cares?
How I have to sit through everyone’s enraged glares?
I hope to live strong
And prove all their evil glares wrong
I wish to live wise
Because I know that everyone dies
And maybe it will truly be the worst thing
That ever is and was
But maybe it won’t be cause’
It will be peaceful
And a rush of gentleness and tranquility
After all the pain is gone
And you realize all your fears were wrong
Death wasn’t hard
Not nearly as hard as life
It actually was kind of nice
So my friends take this lesson
Live your life, but don’t fear the end
Wait patiently and don’t take the easy way out,
The Man Upstairs would not like that without a doubt
Life in fear, if you must,
But die with delight,
In the end, things will turn out all right

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because people seem to be interested in sucide, and fear death. My only hope is that you live life to the fullest. Remember, every 60 seconds you spend upset, is a minute of happiness you never get back.

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