Yours Again

July 14, 2012
By TheHeartRemembers BRONZE, Jefferson, Ohio
TheHeartRemembers BRONZE, Jefferson, Ohio
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"Do we really live in the physical world we can touch, or the world we create in ours minds?" ~Charlie from "My Sassy Girl"

Pouring out my heart and soul
These words reach through the clouds
You reach down and comfort me
Your arms reach through the clouds

Some can't imagine the pain I felt
I hide behind my walls
I need your strength to break me out
I need your love to help me out

The things I do against you
Are my guilt and my demise
The things I do for you
Lay hidden in disguise

Why do I run from good?
And away from you?
Do I not know the pain I cause?
Or the awful things I do?

Please God take this guilt from me
And keep me in your light
I want to be so precious
And perfect in your sight

I know I make mistakes all day
I know I'll sin again
But at the end of each new day
I know I'm yours again

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on Jul. 18 2012 at 8:55 am
KalliopeS BRONZE, Jonesborough, Tennessee
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"Poets are always taking the weather so personally." J. D. Salinger

I liked it, but I do have a little bit of criticism. In the first stanza you are very repetitive, and continue so in the second stanza. I would also like to see a more fluid rhyme scheme. You pick up rhyming in the middle of the poem, though you didn't rhyme in the beginning. Good luck :)

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