world without god

July 14, 2012
By EXOTIC BRONZE, Clovis, California
EXOTIC BRONZE, Clovis, California
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this world is out of control we got kids doing years an teens on parole you turn on the news an what do you see..........?
mothers who are suffocatings an killing their babies what is this world turning out to be we should be calling out to the lord an letting him hear our voices
not killing our unborn an saying we had no other choices
we`ve polluted the air with pornography an profanity using gods name in vain for taking away our family
every one sins but not every one lives you could be doing life
our locked up for hitting your wife
you could be an addict on the street begging for money to support your addiction
but god doesn't care he could help you out of any situation all you got to do is put your hands together look up at the sky call upon our lord to come into your life
ask god for forgiveness at any time of the day it doesn't matter whenn because god hears everything you have to say but if you don't ask for forgiveness
you wont be forgave an whenn god comes back to earth he wont let you in his gates god has predicted all that is happening
turn to Your Bible
the second book of timothy chapter 3 verse 1-5 an it'll tell you that god is coming soon for those of us dead or alive
like i said before there ain't no drugs in this world that could take the pain away all you gotta do is humble yourself an pray when you got nothing else to do, grab your Bible consume it like its apart of you
all your questions to life are their in the book all you gotta do is just take time an look

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for all those whom love god an belive he is coming soon

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on Jul. 20 2012 at 4:57 pm
MadisonGrace SILVER, Nowhere, Oregon
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"Everything is okay in the end,
if its not okay it's not the end."
"Be who you are and say how you feel because if someone matters they dont mind and if someone minds they dont matter"
"If God brings you to it he will bring you through it!"

this is really cool i love it. Its so true more people need to think and write more like this! keep writing!

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