July 14, 2012
By LePetitePrince BRONZE, Claremont, California
LePetitePrince BRONZE, Claremont, California
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A young boy he sets his smile
A young girl spots it for a while
She’ll never forget the look in his eyes
How the deep blue sea landed there by surprise
A young boy put out his hand
She’ll never forget holding it in the sand
How the ocean’s cool breeze ran past her face
She had never felt so in place
A young boy held her waist
She’ll never forget the time and place
How his arms radiated passion
She wanted to make them her new favorite fashion
A young boy brought her face close
A young girl was told that he loved her the most
How the world seemed to spin so fast
She wanted to slow time down and make it last
A young boy has now found a new plan
A young girl found it hard to understand
She’ll never forget the look on his face
How he told her it was not the right time or place
The boy she thought she would never loose
The girl finds him impossible to refuse
How close they once were and still are
Though words created distance, feeling are not far
Their passion burns as they continue to perspire
Living in true love, a delicacy of desire
But what are feared are the foggy words
Exchanged like whispers that go unheard
Repeated conversations
Discussing love as if it were a negotiation
The heated fire ruptures in their eyes
In one glimpse of each other, no surprise
They know each other like yin and yang
Together, the best of them always sang
The young man does not know what he desires
The young lady, he knows, is a rare fire
How brightly she shines in an exotic way
He worries sometimes that she will not stay
The young man now is 21
The young lady still doesn’t know where to run
How perplexed their relationship has become
She nor him wants everything to be done
The past is golden and haunts their sleep
At times she wakes up and begins to weep
They both do not know what is next
neither wants to ever send a last text

The author's comments:
We are told to follow our hearts, but lead our lives. At times, we should be leading our hearts instead.

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on Jul. 19 2012 at 12:54 pm
thezebrasgray PLATINUM, Taylorsville, Utah
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This is really good!  The rhyming made it flow nicely.


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