'Twas the Night of the Gamers

July 13, 2012
By Phanstein PLATINUM, Claremont, California
Phanstein PLATINUM, Claremont, California
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'Twas the night during thunder and all through the house, not a gamer was sleeping, whilst playing Nightmare House. The ammo was gone into enemies they dread, in hopes that one bullet would hit their dead head.

The gamers weren't sleeping, cowering on their beds, while visions of Necromorphs slashed off their heads, and Daniel and his lantern, and us in our caps, had just trolled all the others with textual face-slaps.

When deep in Dead Space there arose such a clatter, we all too well know what will soon be the matter. Reload all the plasma as fast as you can, build a defense, and a quick escape plan!

The moon through the clouds gives an eerie glow, as the Balverines descend on the player below. And what to Daniel's insanity should appear, but a Servant Grunt's snarl and a Brute's horrid leer.

Now zombies! Now soldiers! Now monsters and demons! In castles! In cities! In spaceships and ruins! To the top of the cliff, to top it all off: apocalypses and robots that just won’t shut off!

As first-person shooter, before the big boss fight starts, when they need the cheat codes then they have their brain farts! So then they start dying off, dropping like flies, they claim to be “pwning”, we see through their lies.

And then, in a trickling they hear on the side, the cursed snowglobe of Oakfield did hide. As we go through a desert and a temple dark, the Crawler is seen and runs from a spark.

Crash B. has his orange fur, and blue jeans he wears short, in order to penetrate Cortex’s new fort. 100 big wumpas he had to earn lives, he was a bit goofy when he did his death scene dives.

Spyro’s flames they did burn! His dragonfly friend changed! Killing gnorcs by bushel! Their armor how it clanged! His purple, scaled hide was tipped with gold spike and the glow of his friend Sparx showed HP alike.

The arrow and bow held quite tight in Link’s hand, and the creatures he slew fell down dead on command. He had a pale face and a little green hat. Even if it did not help him find that darn cat!

Master Chief had green armor and could cloak himself, and in Warcraft you can play as a strange, dark Night Elf. And in Mario, you break stuff with your head, Pac-Man has ghosts that follow you ‘till you are dead.

Chell speaks not a word and GLaDOS is a jerk, while you’re put through tough tests full of tons of grunt work. Then Heavy with Sandvich and Sacha at side, gets blasted by Pyro and has a scorched hide.

Oh, video games, you are way too much fun! (As I set off some mines worth a huge megaton.) And we hear all the shouts as we fight to the death, “COME ON MOM I JUST HAVE ONE SMALL LEVEL LEFT!”

The author's comments:
Yes, I'm still alive. Here's a gamer poem for all of you out there. Heck, I think even the trolls might like this one. After all, trolling is "a art".

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