Dark Waters

July 13, 2012
By KaKa123456 BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
KaKa123456 BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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They told me I was crazy

for loving you once more.

They told me I would regret

knocking on your door.

For stepping into blue rivers

and laughing at the dawn

and touching your hair fair and soft

a parting gift to fawn.

They told me I would fall

straight down into your bed.

A calling to the history of lovers

now and I did.

They told me you would break my heart

"What's done is done" They say,

but I did not believe them

and so we danced again.

We danced into the hallow

the sleepy trees did wave.

We danced until my feet were bloody,

but not a care you gave.

We danced until I cried

sweet tears that ran like water.

We danced until I screamed at the heavens

"Please do help me Father!"

He did not answer though

because I was done adrift

on the sea of love I sank

you a burning ship.

A filthy piece of wood,

knocked me on the head

and I woke up alone.

Flowers on the bed.

They said he will desert you

he will love and he will go.

I did not believe them though.

Oh, how I wish I had.

Because you are the only man

who broke my heart twice more.

The only man who wore me down

until I was but a sliver.

A piece of a girl once lovely

a picture of the blushing bride.

They told me you would love me.

They told me you would go.

All those women you once touched,

they told me it would snow.

They told me you would creep

into my head so slow.

They told me I would die right here

the bed cast down low.

Oh, they told me they did, they did.

I listened not though.

So now I suffer endlessly

a caged animal.

For now you dance with her.

That lovely girl so blue.

And I tell her

"He will never stay."

And she laughs out as I did

"Why I do not believe you."

"You are but a dream."

A dream she will awake from.

A dream she will not heed.

She will join our ranks.

The filthy fairy loves of late.

She will cry unto us,

"But he said I was the first,"

And we will pat her sweet head

and tell her oh so lovingly.

"He is the lying bastard

who broke into our heads

and stole all our senses

and replaced them with him instead."

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