July 13, 2012
The noise
An endless hostile cry
The shouts, the shrieks, the screams
They clash, creating a static chorus on a broken record
Its repeated statement echoes in vain

The sound
A wall of vibrations that travels through the air
Unseen, unheard, unnoticed
It is forgotten, or else, overlooked as it passes by
A weak, futile attempt

The voice
A tool of communication
The words, the phrases, the syllables
They’re trapped, entangled in the unused vocal cords
They carry no weight and die in the throat

The music
An overflow of emotion
The notes, the chords, the rythem
They join in a harmonious symphony
Beauty for its own sake

The song
Poetry with a soundtrack
The stanzas, the lyrics, the message
They fall on deaf ears
Unwanted and neglected

The man
A hollow shell of empty promises
The secrets, the lies, the façade
He builds them up in a failed attempt of stability
A catalyst for the reaction

The man interprets the song
The song gives meaning to the music
The music sets free the voice
The voice strengthens the sound
The sound overpowers the noise
And then…

An Island of hope in a sea of discord
Tranquility, serenity, peace
A sanctuary within the eye of the hurricane
But the tide is rising, the storm rages on.

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