Where I'm From

July 13, 2012
I am from three worlds,
and my Imagination.
I am from the many web sites I’ve helped create,
the sunflowers reaching for light,
and the dreams I dream with eyes wide open.

I am from the desserts,
the places where my family tree lives on like a mighty Cactus,
living on through the heat.
I am from the the country of the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate bridge,
From the country of the Mayan Pyramids and the Apache region.
I am from the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
and The Burgos Cathedral.

I am from the fields,
the fields my parents helped fight for me never have to work.
The fields where I see row after row of lettuce fly past my window during car trips,
corn stalks reaching high up toward the clouds,
seeming almost to mimic the strong Red Wood.
I am from Eucalyptus trees,
the sent filling my nose and illuminating me with a feeling of peace.
I am from Magnolia trees,
the tree that will always remind my mother of her father.
I come from the flowers,
the carnations and the velvet roses I helped plant,
And Xochil, the flower my sister is named after.

I am from stories,
the stories I’ve read,
the stories my father has passed down,
and the stories I make up in my mind.
I am from family poker games,
and dinner time conversations,
discussions lasting much longer than the meal called for.
I am from family strength,
and not letting anything stand in our way.
I am from the hippies and baby boomers,
the rock outs and the peace outs.

I am from the pictures taken long before my birth,
and the stories that started long before my parents.
I am from the many photo albums,
the heirlooms,
and the memories that weave like vines
climbing up our family tree.
And there I am, do you see me?
Thats where I am,

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