love we never said goodbye

July 13, 2012
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For you're hand I hold as we jump together,
I watch the tears roll down your face,
I know exactly what you thinking,
Please don't think that way;
You know it's not too late.
As we're falling through the air you grasp my hand tighter,
Although I was expecting you to let go.
You didn't though,
You kept your promise,
I mustn't forget.
As we're falling I realize what we just did,
Now tears roll down my face as well.
I know I just made a mistake;
But at least we did it together,
you looked at me with intense worried-ness in your eyes,
And I go to tell you everything will be alright,
I cant say say the words,
Instead I let go of you hand,
I realize what i just did to you;
So i quickly grasp your hand,
It's alright,
You're okay.
Now the tears pore out your eyes,
Love we never said goodbye.

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