July 13, 2012
By SilverStratavare SILVER, Salt Lake City, Utah
SilverStratavare SILVER, Salt Lake City, Utah
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reading the tale of Icarus falling into the sea-
and I think to myself-
I can do better

don’t tell me he deserved it
don’t tell me he was over ambitious
don’t you dare tell me not to fly too close to the sun

I might fall into the sea of failure
but I will survive
and I will do it over and over and over and over again
until fly I among the stars and truly find the gods dining on Mount Olympus
and land to join them

and I might be put in the tower of Crete
locked up tight as to not reveal the secret of my ambition
but I will escape every time-
and triumph over that idiot Minos who desires to contain me

but until then I will fall into the sea
and I might be considered a fool
but I will continue to fly
even if I don’t have wings

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