July 12, 2012
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She stands alone in a darkened room,
Blindfolded and cuffed,
Gagged and bound,
A silence hangs in the air that does all but consume.

Footsteps pace the concrete floor,
Chills race up and down her spine,
A shaking body lay on the ground,
Fear grips at her very core.

Voices echo down the hall,
A silent cry reaches her lips,
Cold fingers run through her hair,
She can't help but to bawl.

Tears stream down her frightened face,
Laughter follows her despair,
The fire in her eyes is slowly being doused,
Scars are reopened that can never be erased.

She screams out in pain,
The voices get louder,
The footsteps come closer,
They are driving away everything sane.

What has she become?
She let the shadows in,
Grief and anger had consumed her heart,
Her former self now a distant phantom.

These things have seen her tear,
Relentless and hungry for more,
On the prowl for innocent souls,
A mission to unleash every fear.

She slowly rises to her feet,
Confused and angry gasps fill her head,
She looks directly at insanity,
Knowing that she will not be beat.

She looks directly at the problem,
A dirty mirror hangs on the wall,
She wipes away every voice, restraint, taunt, and fear,
And smiles at her reached freedom.

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