To My Friend

June 8, 2012
By Stormygirrl GOLD, Montverde, Florida
Stormygirrl GOLD, Montverde, Florida
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You say you feel nothing
I know it's only a claim
Because deep in your heart
I hear you screaming his name

You know that it's there
And I know that it's true
These feelings you try not to feel
Are right there, inside of you

You just close your eyes
And push them down in your heart
These feelings you pretend not to feel
Will tear you apart

I see it in your eyes
You feel it in your soul
You're meant to love
It's not something you can control

You say you're alone
You claim you don't know why
But you know it's all your fault
And that's why you cry

But it doesn't have to be this way
You see, there's a light
If you'd jut open your heart
You'd have someone to hold tight

You will get hurt
It's just a part of life
But it's not a pain 
That you can solve with a knife

This pain won't last forever
Trust me, it's true
You're just to young to know
There's more than this life for you

I know it's hard to see
But if you'd just take my hand
I promise you'll make it
And you'll do it in a stand

I know you hurt inside
But baby, you've got to try
You can't just let this life
Pass you right on by

So if you'd give it a try
I'll be here til the end
I just want to see you happy
I'll give you what hand I can lend

I say this because I love you
You know I love to see you smile
So for a friend like you
I'd go that extra mile

This is your life
And it's all that you make it
You've been given a chance
So why not take it?

You're not a monster
You're just a sad young boy
Who never wants to be 
Just another mam's toy

I understand it all
Trust me, I do
Just give yourself a chance
For someone to love you

I know it's a scary thing
To take a big chance
But if you never do it
How will you find true romance?

So just open your eyes
Let love flood in your soul
Because if you never do
You'll forever pay the toll

You have a big heart
So best start to use it
For, as long as you love 
You'll never, ever lose it

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my friend who is openly gay, he always tells people he can't feel and he's doesn't love..So I wrote this poem for him. And it's about how you need to let your feelings free an not bottle them inside where they just kill you. It's better to love than to never have that amazing feeling inside that you can never get from anything else, except maybe kittens.

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