a new hobby

July 11, 2012
By Anonymous

sitting cheerfully by a tree
a girl waits just for me
her blond hair
is silky and long
her voice is just like a song
her lips always a cherry red
a crown of daisies on her head
her laugh is like little bells
she is an angel
not many can see her wings
you have to be special
just like me
i am short, but very smart
i have the best girl in the park
she skips along as we walk
and oh, how she loves to talk
i laugh with her
and hand her roses
she holds them close
her eyes sparkling
she takes my hand
we run together
its a sunny day
the perfect weather
and just as we are about to kiss
i wake up, still in bed
i sigh and shake my head
i really need to stop this dreaming
i need to remember I'm just bobby
a nerdy boy, who needs a new hobby.

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