July 11, 2012
By SilverStratavare SILVER, Salt Lake City, Utah
SilverStratavare SILVER, Salt Lake City, Utah
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your life is improbable
you being you is a slim chance at best
so count yourself lucky

millions of sperm migrated to the egg
each one carrying different DNA
only one carried yours

you might have been a different person
you could have had red hair
or green eyes
or a completely different brain
it's more likely than existing as you

then you grew up
each teacher put a different idea in your head
each scolding from your parents teaching you right from wrong
each friend influencing you
experience after experience molding you in some way

these days will shape you
you may get straight A’s
or become a punk
or a loner
or a poet
anything is possible

you are in some sense made of clay
each turn on the potter’s wheel fashioning you
some turns matter more than others
but you don’t truly harden until you die

The author's comments:
I looked back at all the different things that could have happened to me. I realized that little details can shape your personality and identity.

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