unkindfull friend

July 11, 2012
please come in,
join me you unkind-full friend.
Listen to me speak,
listen to you weep.
Are you scared,
or do you even care.
Is that smile fake,
can all you do is take.
My heart has been crumbled,
because all you can do is mumble.
Untruths in your life,
you even killed your wife.
Your unfaithful,
and your ungrateful.
Your unworthy,
and your gana need an attorney.
All you ask is why,
when people see your lies.
Your filth from head to toe,
don’t you even know.
That all you do is hurt,
you hateful little twerp.
Theirs no lesson to be learned,
because of all the lives you’ve burned.
Get out of my sole,
your just a black hole.
Cant you see your just not like me, nor will you ever be part of sanity.

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