The Dream Weaver

July 11, 2012
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The dream weaver
creating a psychotic
metaphor for lifes
resilient thunder
lighting the path
towards a diabolically dilusional
safe haven of chaos
resenting the reality
of truth based off fiction
hour by hour the spell is cast
witchcraft and black magic
an aura, the northern lights
conflicting, contrasting, coping
images flying by
trying to make sense
of complete insanity
diagnostics inadequate
to realize what
visions the mastermind
has planned for tonight
grueling grotesque portrayal
of ones burdens
nightmarish fantasy
all rolled into ones
own private movie
the end of the
hellish nightmare is near
a complete mind scramble
accomplished by the majesty
of sin, desire, and reason
leaving with a hangover
of wonder on what
occured looking through
closed eyes
the fog lifts
the haze had finished
the job completed
a tease
sorely remembered
bits and pieces
bleed in through memories
effecting the days productivity
understand that the weave
once weaved shall be woven
again after the darkness rises
and the light has fallen
stars shooting up into
the creators hands
to bind, manipulate, and torture
everyone who is not at

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