It's Real

July 10, 2012
He says:

No girl is loyal, no girl is true.

No girl ever means it when she says "I love you."

No girl is faithful, no girl is real.

No girl ever tells the truth about how she feels.

Every girl is grimy, that's just something you should know.

Every girl is a no good, gold digging' h**.

I know you think you got lucky, you think its true love you found,

but man you ain't' the only one, that girl been around.

Just go ahead and do you thing, cause its clear she's doing hers.

F*** a relationship bro, that s*** is for the birds.

She says:

No guy is honest, all they do is lie.

Every guy is good for nothing except to make a girl cry.

Every guy is a dog, every guy cheats.

Every guy flirts with every pretty girl they meet.

They'll make you feel so bad for the little mistakes you make,

knowing they're doing 10x worse, that's why every guy is fake.

No guy really loves you, no guy really cares.

No matter how good you are to them, that's why no guy is fair.

Every guy wants one thing, when they get it, they'll be gone.

The "right guy" doesn't exist because every guy is wrong.

The Truth:

You're your own person, you make your own choices.

So you choose whether you listen to your heart or the voices.

Those voices in your ear, that wont leave you alone,

because the hardest part of the business is minding your own.

Love CANNOT be tested, Love CANNOT be debated.

LOVE is LOVE and when you find it people are bound to hate it.

Its easy to be persuaded, but don't let then bring you down.

When you know she's the right girl, you know she hasn't been around.

Good advice from a friend?

Or sabotage from a foe?

Hard to tell, but when you know he loves you,

then he'll never let you go.

She knows you... He knows you

That's the reason why a relationship is only meant for two.

Two people who love each other through good decisions and mistakes,

two people that will fight for each other, no matter what it takes

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